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Who needs a TV Licence

tv license contact numberYou will need a TV Licence if you use TV receiving equipment to watch or record Television programmes. TV Receiving equipment means any equipment which you use to watch or record Television programmes. This includes Computers, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, Digital box, DVD/VHS recorders or any other device including TV’s. A TV Licence for the main home or business covers the use of TV Receivers at the premises specified on the licence.

If you have any doubts about this speak to one the advisers at the TV Licence Customer helpline on 0843 506 8873.

Ways to Pay

At the moment the cost of a Licence is frozen at the 2010 level of £145.50 per annum for a colour tv, and will remain fixed until 2016. There are various ways to pay your TV Licence Fee

Yearly – by Direct Debit, Credit Card or Debit card.

Quarterly – payment is usually by Direct Debit. There may be a premium charge to pay if you choose this option.

Monthly – again payment is usually by Direct Debit and there may be a premium charge to pay.

Weekly – by Payment Card. You can also pay at PayPoint outlets, by phone or by text message.

To discuss any of these options or for more details, call the TV Licence Customer Support team on 0843 506 8873

Cancel a TV Licence and When to Claim a refund

You can cancel a TV licence if you

  • Move House
  • The Licence holder has died
  • Have an extra Licence at the same address
  • Move in with someone who already has a licence
  • Cancel the current payment scheme

To discuss any of these, or other reasons for cancelling a licence, call the TV Licence Customer Services on 0843 506 8873.

You should notify the TV licensing authority about any change of address or if you have moved abroad, or if you have moved in with someone who already has a valid licence and you wish to cancel. You can also find out when to make a claim by calling the TV Licensing Customer Care team on 0843 506 8873.


Students living in Halls of Residence may need their own TV Licence. You may not be covered by the Hall’s licence as this only covers the Communal areas and if you have TV receiving equipment in your room you will need your own licence. You may not be covered by your parents licence. Its best to check by speaking to the TV licence Customer Services on 0843 506 8873

Tennants / Lodgers

If your accommodation is self-contained ie a separate flat or annex you may need your own licence. If in doubt call the TV Licence helpdesk on 0843 506 8873

Over 75’s

If you are over 75 you may be entitled to a Free TV licence. If you have just passed your 74th birthday and are in the process of renewing your licence then buy a short term licence to cover you up to your 75th Birthday.

Blind and Severely Sight Impaired

You may be entitled to a 50% reduction in your licence fee if you are registered Blind or have a severe sight impairment. Proof will usually be needed to qualify for this. To speak someone and get help with this call the TV Licence Support Helpline on 0843 506 8873

Businesses and Organisations

Business need a valid TV Licence if you, your staff, and or your customers watch tv on your premises. Without being covered by a valid TV licence your business is committing a criminal offence. Find out more details by calling the Customer Support number for the TV Licencing authority on 0843 506 8873

Second Homes

You may need a separate TV licence if you watch or record tv programmes in your second home. In some cases your main house TV licence may cover you, but in some cases it won’t. If you are unsure about this call the Customer Care number for the TV Licencing authority on 0843 506 8873

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