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3 Customer Services Number | 0843 506 9873

The 3 (Three) Contact Phone Number is brought to you by the NumbersHelplineCalls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge

About 3

three 3 contact phone number3 have one of the fastest growing networks in the UK and now covers more than 97% of the UK Population, to find out more about 3 then call the

3 Customer Services Helpline now on 0843 506 9873

The network was built with Data in mind and as more and more mobile applications are getting Data hungry and the

3 Customer helpline can discuss in more detail your individual requirements call them now on 0843 506 9873:-

You can discuss mobile price plans, broadband or specific handsets and you will quite often find that 3 are more cost effective for the latest handsets.

Considering an upgrade?

Depending on the status of your existing Contract, you may be allowed to change your phone and upgrade to a newer model. To discuss this further with a friendly and helpful representative call the 3 Customer Services phone number now on 0843 506 9873 and find out if you are eligible and what options are available to you.

If you have a query regarding your pay monthly phone and whether you are eligible to upgrade call now. There are a wide variety of handsets you can choose from.


3 can supply handsets and their relevant price plans, Tablets or Broadband, call the 3 Customer Services Number now on 0843 506 9873, to find out more.

3 Customer service contact number 0843 506 9873 will discuss in detail all the available price plans and help you determine the best and most cost effective one for you or your business.

At 3 they believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of 4G without the hefty price tag, and therefore have committed to contact their customers who have a 4G ready device as they roll out the network, this with no increased contracts or additional costs.

Once 4G is rolled out in your area they will guarantee that you will NOT have to:
Pay off any remaining 3G line rental
Sign a new contract
3. Get a new Tariff (If you want all you can eat Data – Just Ask.

Three Already claim to have the fastest 3G network in the UK and with the rollout of 4G this will get even faster, simply call the Three contact number on 0843 506 9873 to discuss in more detail, the rollout plans and when 4G will be in your area.
Anything else?

For help with anything else, such as understanding any of the following:-

  • My Three
  • Voicemail
  • Retrieving a PAC code
  • Sim Swap
  • Or anything else you may need to know!

Call the Three Customer Service Helpline now on 0843 506 9873 and speak to an advisor who will be able to help and advise.

By calling the Three customer helpline on 0843 506 9873 you can order everything by speaking to a real person and have it delivered to your door, so call now no need to leave home.

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