About Me

Throughout their life, all individuals, regardless of income levels, will have to use one or more banking products. Whether it is a matter of taking out a loan or opening a savings account, everyone must understand how the products that banks offer are created and how they could impact the borrower. Unfortunately, the lenders only advertise the attractive aspects of their products and omit many of the dangers that come with them. Furthermore, much of the information that borrowers would need to make an informed decision is often locked behind paywalls.

We have gathered a team of young entrepreneurs and financial specialists that are dedicated to helping others. They have been tasked with creating informative articles that will help others understand basic financial concepts such as debt consolidation, compound interest, credit rating calculation, home equity, and others. In addition to this content, we also offer step-by-step guides that will enable anyone interested to get better terms and conditions on the loans offered by banks, as well as repay the money faster and with less effort. We believe that all information should be free and easy to access, especially when it can lead to a healthy financial life.