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About AirBnB

Created in San Francisco in 2008, AirBnB provides a respected and reputable service where you can list a property that you would like somebody to rent for a short term, as well as finding and booking vacation stays across the globe. This can be done on various different platforms that are able to connect to the internet.

You are able to book for a number of different vacations from one night city breaks to booking a luxury villa for a number of months. AirBnB is currently represented in approximately 35,000 different cities in over 190 different countries. Priding themselves on five star customer service, AirBnB currently has over 60 million guests and is continuing to grow. Meeting everybody’s price and requirements, AirBnB is the only place to visit if you are looking to list a property you would like to rent out or if you are wanting to find somewhere to stay with no hassle.

If you are a wanting to list a property or you are wanting to book a property and you would like to know any of the terms and policies that AirBnB have then call the AirBnB Customer Service Helpline number on 0843 903 3462.

Overview of AirBnB

If you call the Numbers Helpline contact number for AirBnB Customer Care – 0843 903 3462

they will be able to connect you to an advisor to help you with any queries you have related to AirBnB.

Getting Help

If any of the bullet points beneath apply to you and you would like to find out more then call the AirBnB Customer Support phone number which is 0843 903 3462.

  • Do I have to help find my customer a new place to stay if I have to cancel
  • What is the criteria and expectations of AirBnB
  • AirBnB have a guest host guarantee, what is this?
  • How to book onto AirBnB
  • How to use the site, such as creating wish lists, how to apply filters onto your search, how to know if a property is available
  • The price of the booking changes once I select the dates I would like, why is this?
  • I have specific requirements I need for my booking how do I request this
  • How do I cancel my reservation and do I have to pay a cancellation fee
  • How do I make changes to a reservation
  • How do I view a property before I book it
  • How do I find the deals and special offers that are on site

Reporting a Problem

If you have any problem regarding a place you have stayed or somebody that has stayed at one of your properties then don’t hesitate to contact an advisor on the Numbers Helpline contact number for the AirBnB customer helpline which is 0843 903 3462

  • My card is getting declined when I try to make a booking, why is this? And is there any other way to pay for a booking
  • I have had a negative experience with one of my bookings
  • I have had a negative experience with one of my tenants
  • How to submit a host guarantee payment request

If you have any other problems that weren’t listed on this page that you would like to bring to the attention of AirBnB the Numbers Helpline contact number for AirBnB Customer Services which is 0843 903 3462.

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