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Barclaycard Contact Phone Number | 0843 506 8878

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge

If you have a query with your Barclaycard account you can call the Barclaycard Customer Services team on 0843 506 8878

barclaycard contact phone numberLost or Stolen Cards
If your card has been lost or stolen you should report it immediately by calling the Barclaycard Customer helpline on 0843 506 8878
It would help if you have the following details to hand

  • Your account number
  • Where and when it was lost or stolen – if you know
  • Where and when you last used it – if you can remember

Fraudulent Use

If you suspect that your card details have been fraudulently used, report it to the Barclaycard Customer Care number on 0843 506 8878 immediately.

Check your Statements each month, and if you notice anything suspicious or a transaction that you know had nothing to do with you then notify the Customer Care team as soon as possible.

The Barclaycard Fraud protection team do monitor unusual purchases and may contact you if they have reason to believe fraud has taken place. However, don’t wait for them to contact you should you be concerned. Call the Barclaycard Helpline immediately on 0843 506 8878

Travelling Abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad and use your Barclaycard whilst overseas it is a good idea to notify the Barclaycard Customer Support team on 0843 506 8878 and tell them of your travel plans and dates. This may prevent the Barclaycard Fraud protection team from becoming suspicious and suspending your account, if they detect sudden unusual or unexpected usage in different countries. You can speak to a Barclaycard Customer Support advisor on 0843 506 8878.

You can also call the Barclaycard Customer Contact number on 0843 506 8878 to discuss any of the following;-

  • Balance transfers
  • Freedom Rewards
  • Cash Back offers
  • Insurance ( cover against Travel, Fraud, and Purchase protection )


Beware of scam emails which look authentic and as if they have been sent by Barclaycard. These scam emails often link to a spoof website which looks official where you are asked to enter information about your account. Or it may infect your Computer with a harmful virus. Barclaycard will never ask you to divulge Account information in an email, so if you do receive an email and you are concerned about it, speak to a Customer Services advisor on the Barclaycard Customer Care number 0843 506 8878. Do not open any attachments that may be sent with the email.


Barclaycard offer a range of market leading credit cards. To find out more speak to an advisor on the Contact number for Barclaycard which is 0843 506 8878. You will be able to discuss the various options for those applicants with

  • An excellent Credit History
  • A limited Credit History
  • Are new to Credit


Call the Barclaycard Helpline number on 0843 506 8878 to discuss with an advisor, how you can protect your business from your Employees using the card incorrectly or inappropriately, and ensure that you will be able to reclaim any monies due to you from such usage.

Accepting Payment by Barclaycard

Contact Barclaycard on 0843 506 8878 and speak to an advisor on how to prevent and deal with possible Fraudulent usage.

For instance Cardholder Authentication can prevent or reduce Chargebacks as it can prove that the cardholder used the card at the time of the purchase.
Card Security Code and Address verification services, is a fast and efficient way to validate

VISA, MASTERCARD AND MAESTRO, card holders. The service electronically checks the last 3 digits on the cardholders signature strip, and then checks the numeric of the address. This data check response helps you to decide whether or not to proceed with the transaction.

Should you have any queries about any of these services, call the Barclaycard Customers Support team on 0843 506 8878 now.

Barclaycard is the Trading name of Barclays Bank Limited.

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