Carer’s Allowance Helpline

Carer’s Allowance  Helpline Number is | 0843 903 3528

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About Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance is a government scheme aimed at helping people who voluntary care for somebody. If you care for somebody more than 35 hours a week you may be entitled for up to £62 a week. The criteria are that the person you care for must already be receiving a benefit funding that is related to a disability. Also as the Carer you must be over 16 years old, you are not in school or studying, you have lived in the UK longer than 3 years, you care for somebody more than 35 hours a week & you earn less than £110 a week after tax. Money is paid straight into your bank and you have three options to choose from which can be paid weekly, monthly or every 3 months. The effects of claiming Carer’s allowance is that the person you are caring for will stop receiving their severe disability premium and it may also effect their council tax. To make a claim you need you and your partners national insurance number and bank details as well as the date of birth, address, national insurance number or their disability living allowance reference number of the person you care for. You must always let the authorities know if your circumstances change. This could be the amount of hours you spend in caring for them, a new job, taking a break from caring or stopping all together.


If you would like to find out further information how to apply for Carer’s allowance or if you meet the requirements to do so then call the Carer’s Allowance customer service helpline number on 0843 903 3528.


Getting Help

To speak to an advisor about any of the following points call the Carer’s Allowance customer care number.


  • How do I apply for Carer’s allowance and what relevant documentation do I need
  • What are the factors that decide how much I will receive
  • Does the person I am caring for have to be part of my family
  • What is the definition of a voluntary Carer
  • If I am caring for more than one person am I going to receive double the amount
  • How long does it take for an application take to be processed
  • What factors do I need to let Carer’s allowance know about if my circumstances change.


Reporting a Problem

If you would like to report a problem with Carer’s Allowance and would like further help then the Numbers Helpline contact number for Carer’s Allowance Customer Support is 0843 903 3528.


  • I have sent my application in and I have not heard anything back
  • I have not yet received the money that I am owed. Why is this?
  • I have been rejected for Carer’s allowance can I dispute this? And am I able to re-apply
  • I do not have all the necessary documentation needed to fill in the application form


If you have concerns with anything that has been stated on this page or you have any other questions you would like to bring to the attention of Carer’s Allowance team then you can call the support team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Carer’s Allowance Customer Services which is 0843 903 3528.

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