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About Carphone Warehouse

Created in 1989 Carphone Warehouse is now Europe’s biggest telecoms retailer. With an excess of 1000 stores across the UK has helped them gain the reputation of being the top independent phone retailer in Great Britain.

They are the place to go if you are undecided on which phone or tablet to choose from. They will compare the pro/s and con’s of each device as well as giving you the best plan available throughout all the different networks. They can help you do this in store as well as offering it on the online service they provide. Providing this outstanding customer service to every customer as well as continuous monitoring to keep developing to ensure customer satisfaction, has secured them as the UK’s top independent retailer in telecommunications.

To find the best deal on a phone, tablet or tariff or would like some help with anything else then call the Carphone Warehouse Customer service number on 0843 903 3499.

Overview of Carphone Warehouse


If you call the Numbers Helpline contact number for Carphone Warehouse Customer Care – 0843 903 3499 they will be able to put you through to somebody that will help you with any problems that you have.


Getting Help


If any of the points stated below concern and you would like further details then phone the Carphone Warehouse Customer Support  number which is 0843 903 3499


  • How will I know that I am getting the best deal possible
  • I know which phone I would like but not sure of the tariff
  • Can I take out insurance with my phone and what are the prices
  • I have lost or broken my phone what do I do
  • Why do I have to pay an upfront fee on some of the phones or tablets
  • I have bought a new phone and I am unsure how to use it
  • I am changing networks in order to get a better deal, is there any way that I can keep the same number that I had before
  • Do I get to keep my old phone if I am renewing my contract
  • If I trade in my old phone will I
  • get money off my new contract or a better deal
  • What are the charges on the specific premium lines on my contract

Reporting a Problem


If you have any concerns about taking out a contract or with a phone you currently have, then by speaking to a specialist on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Carphone Warehouse Customer Helpline which is 0843 903 3499 they will be able to help you resolve it.


  • I purchased a phone recently and the SIM is still not working
  • I have lost my phone, it has been stolen or broken I would like to claim on my insurance
  • One of my payments for my monthly contact hasn’t gone through and my phone has been blocked
  • The charges on my last bill are incorrect
  • I have smashed the screen on my phone or I need something else repairing


If there is anything that hasn’t been mentioned so far and you are still in need of help then make sure you use the Numbers Helpline contact number for Carphone Warehouse Customer Services on  0843 903 3499.

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