Child Benefit Contact Phone Number

Child Benefit Contact Number | 0844 496 0603

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child benefit contact numberYou may be entitled to Child Benefit if you are responsible for a child who is under 16 years old, or under 20 years old, if they are still in full time education. You may be asked to give your Child Benefit number to prove that you qualify for Child Benefit. You will not be able to get written proof from the Child Benefit Office.

Only 1 person can get Child Benefit for a child. The Current rates are fixed until 2014. If you have any doubts about your eligibility to receive Child Benefit, call the Child Benefit Helpline on 0844 496 0603

Payment Dates

Child Benefit is usually paid every 4 weeks on a Monday or Tuesday. (It will be paid early if the payment date is a Bank Holiday).

It is possible to be paid weekly if you are a Single parent or are receiving other benefits such as Income Support.

Change in Circumstances

You MUST report any change of circumstances to the Child Benefit Office. Call 0844 496 0603 if this applies to you

Change of circumstances can mean a change in your Child circumstances, such as:-

  • They reach the age of 16 and stay in Full Time Education
  • They start paid work for 24 hours a week or more
  • They live away from you for more than 8 weeks in a row.
  • They go abroad permanently for more than 12 weeks
  • They move to or from Northern Ireland
  • They change their name, get married or start living with a partner
  • They start receiving other benefits

Or it can mean a change in Family circumstances, such as:-

  • A relationship starts or ends
  • You separate or move in with someone
  • Your Bank Account changes
  • You move abroad for more than a year
  • You go abroad for more than 8 weeks
  • You have a baby or a child comes to live with you
  • You or your child serve a Prison sentence of more than 8 weeks

There are other reasons also, the above is not a complete list. To speak to an advisor, call the Child Benefit Support line on 0844 496 0603.

Payment not received?

Remember it can take up to 12 weeks for a claim to be processed.

Your payments may not be made if:-

  • You have not told the Child Benefit Office that your Bank account details have changed
  • The Child had passed the age of 16 and you did not confirm their Education plans.
  • You have received a letter from the Child Benefit Office but have not replied
  • The Child lives with someone else
  • You are no longer eligible.

If you have any concerns about a missed payment call the Support line for Child Benefits on 0844 496 0603.

Child Benefits when the Child reaches their 16th Birthday

Normally these will stop on the 31st August following the Child’s 16th birthday, or if they leave Education or Training. It will continue if they remain in Training or full time Education, but you must inform the Child Benefit Office.

If they leave Training or approved Education, then payments will stop at the end of February, 31st May, 31st August or 30th November, whichever comes first.

Approved Education and Training

To clarify what is classed as Approved Education or Training call the Help line for the Child Benefit Office on 0844 496 0603

Education must be over 12 hours supervised study a week during term time. It can include

  • ‘A’ Levels or similar
  • Scottish Higher
  • NVQ’s ( up to level 3 )
  • Home Education if started before the Child turned 16.

Training which must have started before their 19th birthday, can include

  • Some Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Foundation Leaving programmes
  • Employability Fund programmes
  • Get Ready for Work (if started before August 2013)
  • Skillbuild, Skillbuild+ Skillseekers (if started before August 2011)
  • Jobskills or Training for Success
  • Pathways to Success

If you have any questions the Child Benefit advisors will be able to help, so call the Child Benefit Customer Service line on 0844 496 0603


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