Cineworld Helpline

Cineworld Helpline number is – 0843 903 3646

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About Cineworld

Cineworld was formed in 1995 by Steve Wiener & Senior Management. The first complex that was built was in Stevenage, which was then followed by another 34 Cineworld complexes within the next 8 years. By the first quarter of 2007 Cineworld was then listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2012 Cineworld was  launched internationally opening in Dublin as well as 8 other European countries, which  lead to the highest admission levels ever in 2016 and exceeded 100 million tickets purchased across all cinemas in a year. Now an internationally recognised cinema chain they have over 225 different cinema complexes which include over 2000 different screens across 9 different countries.  The strategy and vision of Cineworld is simple and that is to keep delivering a top class experience to all customers, to continue expanding and venturing into other international markets to increase profitability. The end goal is to ensure that they can become the leading organisation in the market by delivering to shareholders as well as investing in the latest technology to enhance the customer experience.


If you require further information about Cineworld or if you would like to become a Unlimited card member then call the Cineworld Customer Service number on 0843 903 3646.



Getting Help

To speak to an advisor about any of the following points then call the Cineworld Customer Care number on 0843 903 3646.


  • How do I find ticket prices and how do I purchase tickets online
  • How do you price up your tickets
  • Where do I collect my tickets if I have purchased them online
  • Why have your ticket prices increased recently
  • Where is the nearest Cineworld complex to me & what films are showing currently
  • I need to book a ticket with wheelchair access, how do I do this
  • What are the Autism Friendly Screenings and when are the viewings for these
  • How do I cancel a ticket before the viewing and will I receive my money back for this
  • What is the unlimited card and what are the benefits of it
  • Can I bring my own food and drink into your cinemas


Reporting a Problem

If you would like to report a problem with Cineworld or if you would like further help then the Numbers Helpline contact number for Cineworld Customer Helpline is 0843-903-3646.


  • I have purchased some tickets online but I cannot find where to print them out
  • I am not happy with the cinema viewing I went to see
  • I have lost something at one of your cinemas, can you help me
  • I believe that I have been overcharged on my membership or some tickets that I purchased
  • I cancelled my tickets but have not received the refund yet

If you have concerns with anything that has been stated on this page or you have any other questions you would like to bring to the attention of Cineworld then you can call the support team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Cineworld Customer Services which is 0843 903 3646.

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