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About Dyson Support

Created in 1978, James Dyson decided that there must be a way to improve the vacuum cleaner. With the bags clogging up and breaking constantly he saw a gap in the market to create a bagless vacuum cleaner. After over five thousand different prototypes and documentation procedures he had finally created the bagless Vacuum cleaner which was sent to different stores to be sold in the UK. After a success of sales throughout the UK, it was then taken across to be sold in the US market.

Since starting out as innovating and selling Vacuum cleaners, Dyson now creates a range of products including; hair care, robots, purifiers, fans and heaters, humidifiers, lighting, hand driers and washing machines.

Currently Dyson products are sold in 65 different countries around the world and is continuously growing with a much larger team and greater technology to continue to be innovative and improve on previous products.

If you would like to find out more about Dyson call the Dyson Support Customer service number on 0843 903 3525

Overview of Dyson Support

If you call the Numbers Helpline contact number for Dyson Support Customer Care – 0843 903 3525 you will be able to talk directly to an adviser to help you with any queries or problems.

Getting Help

If any of the bullet points listed below fit what you are looking for help with then call the Dyson Support customer service line.

  • How do Ii know what model of Dyson Vacuum cleaner I have
  • I have a Dyson DC35 how do I recharge it
  • DoI have to register my Dyson product and if so why do I have to do this
  • Do I get a guarantee with my Dyson products and where can I find information on this
  • I need to have one of my products repaired how do I go about getting this done
  • How do I change the belt on my vacuum and how often do I have to do this
  • How do I assemble my Vacuum
  • I have been given a number of accessories with my product and not sure how to use them

Reporting a Problem

If there is anything wrong with one of your Dyson products or you just need some technical support with one of them and would like to speak to somebody about it, then the Numbers Helpline contact number for Dyson Support Customer Helpline is 0843 903 3525

  • There is a strange smell coming from one of my products
  • The Machine will not switch on
  • The machine doesn’t seem to have any suction and will not pick up anything
  • The filer keeps getting blocked up
  • The machine picks up dirt and then drops it
  • Different LED lightening keeps coming up on my Vacuum cleaner

If anything stated above concerns you then do not hesitate to call the support team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Dyson Support Customer Services which is 0843 903 3525.

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