EA GAMES Customer Services

EA GAMES Customer Services Is – 0843 903 3464

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About Numbers Helpline Ltd

We are committed to offering the best value for money Direct Dial Directory service in the UK, by using affordable 0843 numbers. Numbers Helpline Ltd is not connected our affiliated to any of the Organisations listed, we simply transfer your call to the relevant Customer Service number.
About EA Games

EA also knows as Electronic Arts was founded in 1982 and is situated in California. It is one of the leading intuitive programming organisations in the gaming industry. Providing and creating games and software for a wide variety of different consoles and tablets. They also allow and run the ESRB which is a rating framework where customers are able to decide to rate and comment on the positives or negatives of each game. This is all for the customer so they can read up and decide if they would like to buy the game or not.
EA Games Customer Service Centre phone numbers are contactable 24/7 and can be contacted on the Numbers Helpline contact number for EA Games Customer Care – 0843 903 3464.
Getting Help at EA Games

Call the Numbers Helpline contact number for EA Games Customer Support on 0843 903 3464 to speak with a consultant who should be able to help with any of the points covered beneath or any other information that you may be in need of.

• How to I purchase a specific game and where do I buy one
• What games are EA planning to bring out in the future
• What is the future online features that EA are bringing out for specific games
• What is the origin access membership and how do I obtain one
• I have forgotten my password for username, or password for my account
• How do I change my information on my account
• How do I permanently delete my origin account
• How do I link up my Playstation ID or Xbox ID to my EA account
• What free games have EA out at the minute and what offers
• You have found a glitch or something wrong with a game that needs patching up that you would like to bring to the attention of the specialists
Reporting a Problem

If any of the issues below affect you or if you have any other problems you would like to resolve, then call now on the Numbers Helpline contact number for the EA Games Customer Service Helpline, which is 0843 903 3464.

• I have been over charged on a game
• I have paid for a game and I haven’t received it yet
• My account has been hacked or compromised
• I am unable to log in to my account or load a new game that I have bought
• My game will not download or load.
• You are receiving abuse or being harassed by another user on your account or on a specific game

If you need advice on anything listed or if anything else you would like to bring to the attention of an advisor then call up customer services now on the on the Numbers Helpline contact number for EA Games Customer Helpline which is 0843 903 3464.

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