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Google UK Helpline Contact | 0843-903-3545

Our Google contact number UK is 0843-903-3545 and it is brought to your courtesy of Numbers Helpline. Numbers Helpline is dedicated to providing its customers with the best value for their money through the direct dialing of a Directory service in the UK using the affordable 0843 numbers.

Numbers Helpline Limited is not at all associated to any of the listed organisations as we merely transfer the customer’s call to the applicable Customer Service Contact.

About Google

Google is a publicly traded and multinational organization established based on the company’s significantly well-known search engine. The company’s other enterprises include operating system and browser development, Web app, advertising technologies, cloud computing, and internet analytics.

Google’s story begins at Stanford University in the year 1995 when and where Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two graduate students, met. Page and Brin worked together on a research project that would come to be now known as the Google Search Engine. Back then, Google was known as BackRub due to its evaluation of backlinks. They then opted to change the name to Google, inspired by its resemblance to the term googol, which is an expression for the number 1 followed by several zeros. This depicted Sergey and Larry’s mission, which is to organize and make the world’s information useful and universally accessible. Google’s founders managed to gather enough funding to start up after being turned away by several CEOs who thought that search abilities were not of significant interest to users at that time. Google began its operations in September 1998 in Menlo Park, California from an office based in a garage. In the December of 1998, Google was listed as one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Search Engines and Websites for 1998.

The unstoppable search for information and better answers is continually at the core of everything people do. Currently, Google has over 60,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide. Google also offers hundreds of products that are utilized by billions of people worldwide ranging from Google Search (of course), Smartbox, and Android, to Youtube just to name a few. Google managed to establish dominance in the search engine competition within a few years so much so that the name Google became a verb that means to perform a Web search.

Getting Assistance

If you would like to speak to one of the advisors about any of the following concerns you may have concerning your usage of Google, feel free to call the Google contact number in the UK on 0843-903-3545.

–    Management of your Google Account

–    Recovery of your Google Account

–    Security of your Google account

–    Your account controls and settings

–    Fixing any problems with your account

–    Transacting with Google

Reporting Problems

If you also have any problem you would like to report to Google and you would like further assistance, 0843-903-3545 is the UK contact number to call for Google. You can report an abuse or safety issue concerning any Google product you might be using.


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