How Useful Is It to Have a Savings Account for Your Children?


Whether we are talking about saving money for unexpected expenses or simply putting it aside for the future, savings accounts are the way to go. Almost every lender offers these financial products and, in most cases, they come with great benefits for the borrower. This having been said, is it a good idea to open a savings account for your children? Generally speaking, yes, doing so is a great idea, however, it is important to first consider how the money will be used and whether or not you have the financial stability to contribute to the account regularly. This is especially important when looking at how certain private lenders and banks specify that the account holder must contribute a minimum amount of money each month or year to be eligible for certain bonuses.

A Savings Account Is a Great Way to Save Up For a Child’s Education

University education can be extremely expensive. Even if we are to ignore the obvious taxes that must be paid by students, the equipment, textbooks, and other learning materials are never cheap. While it is a common practice for students to apply for a student loan, this course of action also leaves them with a large debt that they must repay after they graduate. However, opening a savings account when your children are very young and contributing to it regularly can give them the chance to go through university without worrying that they will have to repay a large loan once they finish. This can enable them to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

It Can Be a Tool to Teach Them Financial Responsibility

It is often difficult to teach children (and sometimes even teenagers) how to be responsible with their personal finances. Opening a savings account in their name and allowing them to contribute to it will help them feel a sense of accomplishment when they the money that they are gifted. Furthermore, it places a large responsibility on their shoulders and gives them the opportunity to plan what they will do with the money once they decide to withdraw it. At this point, it is important to mention the fact that parents can block their children from withdrawing money from a savings account, provided that they are underage.

They Learn How to Use the Banking System and Build Up Their Credit Rating

When a parent opens a savings account for their child and contributes to it regularly, the latter will slowly build up his credit rating. This enables children to already have a financial history and a relatively high credit rating once they are of age. Furthermore, by allowing them to contribute to their own account, you will be teaching them how to use the banking system. They will be able to go to the bank, deposit the money, ask for a bank statement and check their balance, etc.

It Saves Parents a World of Trouble on a Financial Level

By opening a savings account for your children and contributing to it, you will ensure that they have a financial safety net that they can use. This whether they decide to go to University or want to move out, they will already have the money that they need in the savings account. In addition to this, the savings account can be invaluable if there is ever a medical emergency that requires a large amount of money.

Generally speaking, opening a savings account for your children may be the best decision that you can make for the whole family. It gives parents peace of mind, it can be used to educate the children as well as offer them a university education.

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