Jobcentre Plus Hanley Contact Number

Our connection service is available during office hours and you can reach us at such times. Job centre plus Hanley is available on 0843 506 8863. You can call us with as low as 7p/min which includes your phone company’s service charge.

Opening Hours

We are open from 8am to 6pm every Mondays through Fridays.

Why choose job centre plus Hanley

We care about you; therefore we care about your financial benefits. If you are searching for job in the UK and haven’t got one yet, you can still be financially secure. You can get a benefit of up to (price) every week if you fulfill the condition for application. Since the amount you get paid for Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) is relative depending on your situations and peculiarities, you should engage the service of professionals like Job Centre Plus Hanley to put your best foot forward. Call an advisor today on our helpline, 0843 506 8863.

Conditions for Obtaining JSA

We have stated that the amount you get paid as JSA is relative. However, some things are constant and they must be met before you even qualify to receive this allowance. They include;

  • Applicants must not be below the age of 18
  • An applicant must already be willing to start work
  • Applicants must be readily available for an interview

Advantages of Job Seekers Allowance

If you have made contribution of up to 6 months, you are eligible to receive Job Seekers Allowance. In addition to this, there are differences between the amount of JSA an 18 year old would receive and that which a 25 years old would receive. However, you can also receive if you have sufficiently covered in your National Insurance Contribution sufficiently within a period of two years. To be clarified on what you should expect as your JSA, please call our helpline on 0843 506 8863 to speak to an advisor. You will receive your JSA as payment into your bank account every two weeks.

Payment List

  • Single parent of 18 years and above – £71.70
  • Single parent under 18 years – £56.80
  • Couples that are 18 years and above – £112.5
  • Single below 25 – £56.80
  • Single that is 25 years and above – £71.7

There is the possibility that these figures may have varied. To be sure, call Job Centre Plus Hotline on 0843 506 8863.

How to Claim your JSA

The best way to claim your JSA is to do so rapidly. But you need to know that you can only make rapid claim if you have received JSA within the past 6 months. You can lay claim on your JSA online within a few minutes. You may need to sort some issue first before making your claim in which case you should call us on 0843 506 8863.

Above all, be available for an interview which will take place two days after you submit your application. You should prepare well for this and can call us on our helpline for adequate preparation.


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