Jobcentre Plus Phone Number Wrexham

You can call the Jobcentre Plus Number Wrexham anytime during work hours on 0843 506 8863. It is our customer care line and calls to the number costs as low as 7p/mins which of course, includes access charge levied by your phone company.

Opening Hours

  • We are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Mondays to Fridays

About Job Centre Plus Wrexham

There are several people who seek employment in the U.K, among such are those who are qualified for employment benefits. We help to take care of that business for them. We see to the paperwork, the procedures and other steps to ensure you get your employment benefits as and when due.  These benefits can range from £70 to £56 and is granted on a weekly basis. However, just because this allowance is available doesn’t mean every job seeker can access them. Accessibility is relative depending on individual circumstances and some other condition. You can call us on 0843 506 8863 to discuss your eligibility for Job Seekers Allowance (JSA).

Some conditions are fixed and available to the public to qualify for JSA. They include:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or above
  • Applicants must be ready to start working
  • Applicants must be physically available for an interview
  • There must be a preliminary contribution of at least six months

Benefits of Job Seekers Allowance

JSA is a flexible scheme that takes into cognisance, different demands and responsibilities as people age. As such, the plans for those that are just 18 years differ from that attributable to those above 25 years. However, you can only fully enjoy this benefit if you have paid enough National Insurance Contributions (NICs) within 2 years. This information is in no way exhaustive and you can get in touch with us on JSA Wrexham helpline on 0843 506 8863. It is also worthy of note to know that you will receive JSA payments into your account every other week.

Here are relative amounts you may be eligible to receive based on your peculiarities and status;

  • Single parent (18 or above) –£71.70
  • Single parent (under 18) –£56.80
  • Couples (both 18 or above) –£112.5
  • Single (below 25 years) –£112.5
  • Single (25 or over) –£71.70


You will do well to call Job Centre Plus Wrexham contact number to confirm the figures in case they have changed.

How to Lay Claim

The earlier you lay claim on your JSA, the better. Rapid claim is only possible to those who have received allowance within the past six months. You can make rapid claims online, it is an easy process but you are better off discussing your claims first with an adviser on 0843 506 8863.

Ensure that you apply when you will be physically available for an interview. Without this interview, your application will not be processed. The interview is two days after you submit your application and you will be asked to discuss steps that will make it possible for you to secure employment. Call Job centre plus Wrexham to prepare for your interview.

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