National Grid Helpline

National Grid Helpline Number | 0843 903 3504

This Contact is brought to you by Numbers Helpline, We are committed to offering the best value for money Direct Dial Directory service in the UK, by using affordable 0843 numbers. Numbers Helpline Ltd is not connected our affiliated to any of the National Grid Helpline numbers listed, we simply transfer your call to the relevant Customer Service number.

About National Grid Gas

Gas in the UK is passed through the transmission system of National Grid before delivery to and consumption by customers. Working with a number of different organisations, with the aim of making gas is available where and when it is needed. Throughout the UK there are a total of eight different distribution networks, are all owned by the National Grid. These distribution centres supply gas to more than 11 million customers. The Gas that you receive is owned by your supplier but is transported by National Grid. There are four main elements of the gas industry. Firstly production and importation, the UK gas comes from Northern Irish Sea, as well as Belgium & Holland and is imported through three interconnected pipes through liquefied gas. The next step is the transmission stage which is the National Grid Gas stage where it is quality checked, distributed and finally supplied to whichever gas supplier they choose.

If you require further information about National Grid Gas or what they do then call the National Grid Gas Customer Service number on 0843 903 3489.

Getting Help

To speak to an advisor about any of the following bullet points call the National Grid Gas Customer Care number on 0843 903 3489

  • When will my gas be turned back on
  • I have received a letter regarding work starting, when can I expect you
  • I wasn’t in when you arrived to turn my gas on, what do I do
  • What measures do you take to minimise disturbance
  • I can smell gas, who do I report this to
  • I have a question regarding my Gas meter
  • How do I find out who my gas supplier is

Reporting a Problem

If you would like to report a problem with National Grid Gas and would like further help, then the Numbers Helpline contact number for the National Grid Gas Customer Helpline is 0843 903 3489

  • I was told somebody would be out to turn my gas on but nobody has turned up
  • You’ve left my house but left holes in my garden
  • My business has suffered from your company, how do I seek compensation
  • You have left for the night and I am still with out any Gas
  • My Gas meter is faulty or is broken, who do I contact

If you have concerns with anything that has been stated on this page or you have any other questions you would like to bring to the attention of National Grid Gas then if you call the support team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for National Grid Gas Customer Support which is 0843 903 3489.

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