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About Sheila’s Wheels

Sheila’s Wheels entered the market in 2005 and in the last 12 years have successfully established themselves in the market. It has three different offices around the UK with the head office in Surrey, employing over 2000 staff. It was formed as a result of evidence from research, which showed that females have different insurance needs compared to males, mainly due to the belongings they take with them. For example Sheila’s Wheels offers a handbag insurance with covers females for up to £300 worth of loss or damage which is included in the comprehensive insurance. In 2010 they expanded to start offering travel insurance, as well as home insurance, with the objective of being able to offer insurance to cater for everybody needs on one page. In 2011 they entered the broker market which is a way to cover drivers that would usually not fit most insurance companies criteria.

Sheila’s Wheels allows customers to choose a charity such as, Macmillan Cancer support, Water Aid or the NSPCC to donate £20 from Sheila’s fund. Sheila’s Wheels are one of the only online insurers to offer this to donation to charities.

To find out more about Sheila’s Wheels or would like to know any further information about the history then call the Sheila’s Wheels Customer Service number on 0843 903 3510

Overview of Sheila’s Wheels

Calling the Numbers Helpline contact number for Sheila’s Wheels Customer Care which is 0843 903 3510 will allow you to speak to a customer service advisor to help you with any query.

Getting Help

If any of the bullet points below affect you then speak to an adviser on the numbers helpline number.

  • How do I take out a policy
  • How do I register to gain online access to policy
  • What do I have to provide when taking out a policy
  • Does my policy automatically renew and if it is a direct debit will it be paid automatically
  • What are the optional extras that Sheila’s wheels offer
  • Do I get breakdown cover with my policy
  • How do I cancel a policy and what are the cancellation fees
  • If I am changing my car throughout my policy will my insurance costs rise
  • If my car has broken down or been stolen, do I get a replacement car throughout the time it takes to repair or replace.
  • Will I receive paperwork prior to my car insurance being renewed
  • If I have points on my licence or I have been banned from driving before, will you still cover me

Reporting a Problem

If you have a problem with any of the points listed above and you need to speak to somebody at Sheila’s Wheels, then call an advisor on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Sheila’s Wheels Customer Support  on 0843 903 3510

  • I need to make a claim how do I go about doing that
  • I have broken down who do I contact through my breakdown cover
  • My car has been broken into, I have lost possessions what am I covered for and how do I go about getting them replaced
  • I am unable to pay my monthly instalments what do I do?
  • I missed a payment, am I still covered

If you require any additional information that has not been mentioned so far or if you have any other concerns then speaking with the support team will allow you to resolve these effectively and efficiently. The Numbers Helpline contact number for Sheila’s Wheels Customer Services is 0843 903 3510

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