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About Specsavers

The first Specsavers opened in 1984 in Bristol by husband and wife, Dough and Mary Perkins. Specsavers have expanded over the past thirty years and now has over 1,600 stores across 12 different countries from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. It is the largest out of the 4 main opticians in the UK market, with over 40% of the market, and with more than 18,000 employees. Since starting as an optician service, they have also opened up hearing test centres in 400 of their stores.


Specsavers is the world’s biggest privately owned opticians, and have a clear goal to maintain that title. This is helped by the fact that they are stocking a range of top end designer glasses such as Jeff Banks & Hugo Boss, as well as the lower end to suit all budgets. Making sure they remain competitive with pricing, as well as offering eVouchers along with exceptional customer service all helps to make Specsavers so competitive in the market.


To find out more information about what Specsavers can offer or if you would like to register as a Specsavers client then speak with a Specsavers customer advisor. Our number for Specsavers customer service is 0843 903 3507

Overview of Specsavers

The Numbers Helpline contact number for Specsavers Customer Care is 0843 903 3507 which will give you access to speak with a customer service advisor to answer any related questions you may have regarding Specsavers.

Getting Help


  • How much does an eye test cost
  • How do I book an eye test or a hearing test
  • How often do I need to book an eye test
  • I have been for a contact lens check-up, do I still need to go for an eye test as well
  • My child has had a health check at school does this cover eyes
  • What age should I start bringing my child for regular eye tests
  • How bad do your eyes have to get before you can start using contact lenses
  • How do I request a repeat prescription for contact lenses
  • If I need a hearing aid do I have to pay for it myself or is it funded by the NHS
  • How often do I need to change my glasses
  • How do I use contact lenses, what are the safety precautions when using them

Reporting a Problem

To report a problem with anything related to Specsavers, then call the Specsavers customer helpline team on 0843 903 3507. This will put you directly through to somebody who can answer your queries.

  • What are the signs that my child is in need of glasses
  • What are the signs that my child is having hearing problems
  • My hearing aid isn’t working properly
  • I ordered a pair of glasses and they haven’t arrived or are the wrong ones
  • The glasses that I ordered don’t have the right lens in them
  • My contact lens repeat prescription hasn’t arrived or has arrived but aren’t the right ones

If you are still in need of answers from something mentioned or hasn’t been mentioned so far, do not hesitate to call the Numbers Helpline contact number for Specsavers customer services which is 0843 903 3507

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