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student finance england contact phone number

Contact Student finance |  0843 506 8861

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Customer Services Helpline number 0843 506 8861

student finance england contact phone numberStudent Finance England is the place to seek financial funding for higher education courses in England. If you are a new or returning student you will want to find out what you are entitled to, how to apply, how long it will take and most importantly, how and when you will be paid.
The quickest way to gain this information is to ring the SFE helpline on: 0843 506 8861
There are a number of financial packages to help you with living costs and tuition fees, whatever your circumstances.
If you are from a lower income household, that is under £42,611 per year combined, then you may be able to receive up to £9,000 towards your full time course costs.
You can apply for a maintenance grant, which helps towards your living costs, things such as fares, bills, equipment, food etc while you are studying. A maintenance grant doesn’t have to be paid back unless you leave your course early. You will get it paid into your bank account three times over the academic year. This tends to be at the start of each term, one when you start your new academic year, (normally in Sept), one in the autumn, and one in the spring.

Student finance England Contact Number

To check your situation, you can speak to an advisor now on the Customer Services Helpline number 0843 506 8861
You may also be able to apply for a Student loan, as well as the grant, but this has to be paid back. Don’t worry though this won’t be until you leave your course and start working, It will also depend on what your income is, so if you aren’t earning enough straight away, your payments will be put on hold until your wage reaches the required amount.
The loan amount you will get will also be determined by what grant you receive, the more grant you are entitled to, the less loan you will be able to apply for.
All those starting after 1st Sept 2012, have an earnings threshold of £21,000 before you have to start paying this back, before 1st Sept 2012, and the amount is £16,365.
For more information and explanation on repayments ring the helpline on 0843 506 8861
There is specialist help with costs, available to those with children in the form of a childcare grant and a parents learning allowance, for advice on your particular circumstances ring the SFE helpline on 0843 506 8861.
Other forms of financial help and extra support are available to people with special circumstances, these include, students with children, students with a disability ,mental health condition, long term health condition as well as extra University bursaries, NHS bursaries, adults dependents grant and there may also be help with costs when studying abroad.
To discuss your personal situation and check on any of the above circumstances call the Helpline Contact number 0843 506 8861
There is also a 24+ Advanced Learning loan, for those over 24years old and wishing to start a course after 1st August 2013, this can be a level 3 or level 4, or an Advanced/Higher Apprenticeship.
As soon as you decide you are staying in education or wanting to apply for a course you may put in an application for student finance, you do not already have to have your place confirmed. This enables you to get an idea of how much you may be able to receive beforehand, whether you are eligible and also to make sure your payments will be ready for when you need them.
So make sure you apply asap, call the Student Finance England help desk on 084 3 506 8861
When you apply you will need to provide your financial details for it to be assessed, if you are living with your parents, this will be through their National insurance numbers, or a partners details. You may also need other forms of evidence and documents, (copies are ok) to be sent with your application, allow at least 3 to 8 weeks for it to be processed.
Student Finance England Phone number : 0843 506 8861
Lines open between 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday
Between 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

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