Ulster Bank Helpline

The Ulster Bank Helpline Number | 0843 902 2103

This Contact is brought to you by Numbers Helpline. We are committed to offering the best value for money Direct Dial Directory service in the UK, by using affordable 0843 numbers. Numbers Helpline Ltd is not connected or affiliated to the Ulster Bank, we simply transfer your call to the relevant Customer Service number.

About Ulster Bank

The Ulster Bank was formed in 1836, and became a subsidiary of the Nat West bank in 1917. Then in 2000 the Royal Bank of Scotland took over Nat-West, so Ulster Bank became a wholly owned subsidiary of RBS. In 2004 the mortgage provider First Active was acquired and five years later in 2009 merged with Ulster Bank. Mainly serving Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland, Ulster Bank has more than 6,000 employees across approximately 250 branches. Serving just under 2 million customers for personal and business purposes, it is firmly placed in the top four banks in Ireland.


If you requite further information about Ulster Bank or you have a problem with your account t then call the Ulster Bank customer service number on 0843 902 2103.

Getting Help

To speak to an advisor about any of the following points call the Ulster Bank customer care number.

  • Where is the closest Ulster Bank branch to me and what are the branch opening times
  • How long does it take on average for a payment or transfer to appear in the recipients account
  • What is my IBAN or BIC number, where can I find this and what do I need it for
  • What are your current exchange rates, and where can I find them
  • I need to change some of my personal details on my account, can I do this myself or do I need to go into a branch
  • How do I set up my online account
  • How do I know that the mobile app as well as my online account secures all my details
  • How do I make an international payment on my online account
  • My card reader has been locked out, how do I unlock it
  • Where do I find my direct debits and standing orders on my online account
  • How long does it take for a new debit or credit card to arrive and once I have received it when does it activate


Reporting a Problem

If you would like to report a problem with Ulster Bank and would like further help then the Numbers Helpline contact number for Ulster Bank Customer Support is 0843 902 2103. 

  • I am unable to log in to my online account
  • I believe that my card has been cloned or my account has been hacked
  • Money should have arrived into my account and it hasn’t yet
  • How do I cancel a standing order or a direct debit online
  • My card has been locked and I am on holiday, I am unable to get any money out
  • I have lost or had my card stolen
  • My card is being declined when I am trying to pay for something

If you have any concerns or you have any other questions you would like to bring to the attention of Ulster Bank then if you call the team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for Ulster Bank Customer Services which is 0843 902 2103.

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