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About UPS

Founded in 1907 in the USA by Jim Casey UPS is now one of the largest delivery services for mail and packages in the world. Starting as a one car delivery service in Seattle, by 1952 they had expanded to take operations to the east coast, as well as using air operations to deliver packages. By 1977 the air service that UPS used, Blue Label Air, had expanded to reach all 50 states, meaning that UPS could deliver parcels all across the USA and then in 1981 they purchased their first aircraft, which by 1989, enabled them to deliver packages to 175 countries. In the mid 90’s the use of the internet allowed them to offer customers a tracking service on the packages being delivered. Since then they have continued to reach key milestones and expand the business even further, eg in 2000 the online tracking service reached an all-time high, which was six and a half million customers logging in to track their packages.

To find out in more detail about the history of UPS then all you need to do is call up the UPS Customer Helpline number which is 0843 903 3498

Overview of UPS

If you call the Numbers Helpline contact number for UPS Customer Support on 0843 903 3498 you will be connected with the customer service team to discuss anything you need help with.

Getting Help

To discuss any of the following points made call UPS customer care.

  • How do I register for my UPS, and what are the benefits of joining my UPS
  • What does Next Expected Tracking Event mean
  • How do I know the information the UPS tracking site is giving is up to date
  • How long on average does it take to deliver a package
  • Can I send a package to a different address than my own
  • What are the costs of having a package delivered
  • Do I have to sign for all packages
  • When sending a package do I need to get proof of postage and what are the main guidelines for packaging.
  • What countries do you deliver to
  • How do I manage my bills on my UPS

Reporting a Problem

To report a problem for anything that has already been mentioned or anything that is below then you can call the UPS customer support team on the Numbers Helpline contact number for UPS customer support on 0843 903 3498

  • If I need to cancel a shipment, how do I do that
  • One of my shipments is showing as having been delivered on the tracking website, but it hasn’t
  • On tracking my package isn’t updating or has not moved closer to me for a few days
  • One of my packages has arrived damaged or ripped
  • I need to intercept a parcel that is already out for delivery, what do I do?

If you would like to discuss anything on this page with an advisor, then calling with the support team will allow you to resolve these effectively and efficiently. The Numbers Helpline contact number for UPS Customer Services is 0843 903 3498

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