Virgin Media Contact Phone Number

vrigine media contact phone number

Virgin Media Customer service 0843 506 8865

Calls to these numbers costs 7ppm plus your phone company’s access charge

vrigine media contact phone numberIf you are a cable customer of Virgin media and are having trouble with your Internet connection then call the Customer Services Helpline on 0843 506 8865. This can include problems connecting to the Internet for some reason, or if your connection is slower than usual.

Whatever the problem if you call Virgin’s Customer Services Helpline on 0843 506 8865 they may be able to diagnose your problem and get you back online as soon as possible.

Or, if you need advice on how to get the best from your wireless home network you can ring Virgin for handy tips and advice such as how to improve your wireless signal and where to place your router in order to achieve the fastest connection. The helpline number is on 0843 506 8865. They can also help with checking the advanced connection status details on your Virgin Media router.

If you are finding that some websites are not available on Virgin Media this could be to do with the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) or the copyrights act which Virgin has to comply with. Ring the  Virgin media Customer Services now for more information on 0843 506 8865

Virgin Media Contact Telephone Number

If you are confused as to how Virgin Media Technical Support differs from Digital Home support call Virgin now for more help and information. Virgin Media Technical Support teams are experts that you can contact with regards to help and advice relating to your phone or broadband services provided by Virgin Media.

If you have a query on your Bill and want to speak to someone regarding billing or payments call now on 0843 506 8865 and speak to a Customer Services advisor. You can discuss queries such as setting up a direct debit or understanding the benefits of direct debit payments as well as learning about Quick Pay and how to view and pay your bills online.

You can discuss other queries such as why your bill is higher than expected. It may be because as a Virgin Media customer you pay for ‘your Package’ a month in advance, or you could have extra charges on your account such as installation fees and set up fees. These may be shown under ‘other fees and charges’ and are additional to your monthly amount.

If you have any calls on your bill you are not sure that you made or dispute, or you have received a partial months charge or credit and are not sure why, then speak to an advisor now the contact number on 0843 506 8865.

If you have a general enquiry, such as learning more about your package or you want to discuss changing certain aspects of your package, or if you’re thinking about leaving Virgin Media then call the Customer Services telephone number on 0843 506 8865.

If you are moving home and want to find out how you can take or leave your package from your existing home call the Customer services contact number 0843 506 8865.

If you have any customer service or installation complaints please call now for more help. If you have any questions regarding an internet security concern or you think your Virgin Media account could have been hacked ring the Virgin Customer Service phone number now on 0843 506 8865.

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