Walthamstow Jobcentre Plus Contact Number

You can readily reach us during work hours on 0843 506 8863. It is our customer service helpline and calls made to this number are cheap, costing only about (price/minute) which also includes your phone company’s service charge.

About Job Centre Plus Walthamstow

If you are seeking employment in the UK, you are not in better hands than that of Job Centre Plus Walthamstow. This is because we are concerned with the financial benefits accrued to job seekers in UK. This benefit can be up to £56.80 and can keep you going till you find a respectable job. Note that the amount of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) that you get is directly related to your personal situations and some other factors. For help on claiming this benefit, you can call us to help on 0843 506 8863 where you get to speak with an advisor.

Conditions for JSA

  • Be at least, 18 years or above
  • Be willing to work
  • Be willing to attend an interview in person

About Job Seekers Allowance

Job seekers allowance is not fixed for everyone. It depends on a lot of factors that differentiate the amount a person receives from that which someone else gets. However, it is only available to those that have a contribution basis that has extended to six months. Such people can begin to receive income based JSA. Also, age determines how much you get. Those that are above 25 years can get up to £71.70 while those that are below can get up to £56.80. You can only receive the stipulated amount if you have boosted your National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for a period of at least two years. You can call our helpline on 0843 506 8863 for further information and clarification.

Payment Remuneration

  • Single parent (18 years or over) – £71.70
  • Single parent (under 18 years) – £56.80
  • Couples (both 18 years or over) – £112.5
  • Single (under 25 years) – £56.80
  • Single (25 years or over) – £71.70

Claiming Your JSA

To receive a fast JSA allowance, you must put in an equally rapid claim. You can only put in a rapid claim if you have been paid JSA within the last 6 months. To carry out a rapid claim, you have to put in an application online. The whole process is fast and wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. If you have concerns regarding putting forth your claim, please call Walthamstow helpline on 0843 506 8863.

The most important aspect of claiming your JSA is arguably the interview part. You must attend this interview after putting in your application and it is scheduled for two days after you did that. You will be asked series of question including your plans to secure a job. You will be asked to share practical steps you are taking to make sure you get a job as soon as possible. You must be able to show that you are willing to find employment. For help on this, please call 0843 506 8863 to speak with an advisor.


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