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Westfield Health Customer Services Is | 0843 903 3643

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About Westfield Health

Founded in 1919, Westfield Health is a non-profit organisation that is constantly striving to ensure they keep people in good health. There are no age restrictions, so if you are just starting work or you are just about to retire, there are numerous different health plans as well as treatment insurance policies. They are funded by donations through different charities as well as help from the NHS and other health and welfare communities. Westfield Health are constantly striving to become the market leader which can be seen through the ways in which they try to make their health insurance stand above the rest. They are extremely passionate about their customers and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what they do. They aim to have an outstanding relationship with every customer and every member of the Westfield Health team. They are always open to customer feedback as long as it has the customers’ best health interest.

If you would like to find out more about Westfield Health or are interested in taking out a policy, if you call the Westfield Health Customer Service Helpline number on 0843 903 3643, you will be put through to an advisor who should be able to help.

Overview of Westfield Health

If you call the Numbers Helpline contact number for Westfield Health on 0843 903 3643 it will put you in direct contact with a customer service advisor to answer your queries.

Getting Help

If any of the bullet points below affect you then speak to an advisor on the Numbers Helpline contact number.

  • What different policies do you offer and how much is each policy
  • What are the benefits of my specific plan
  • Where do I get a claim form from & is that the only way that I can make a claim
  • How do I request another copy of my policy plan
  • How do I make a personal accident claim
  • What information and details do I need on my receipt
  • Do I have to go to a specific practitioner that you recommend for treatment
  • How do I find what stage my policy claim is at
  • Are my family covered in my plan or do I have to take out separate ones for them
  • How do I arrange the surgery I require & which procedures are covered
  • Which hospitals are covered under my plan
  • How do I register for the text messaging service
  • How do I change my personal details
  • When will my premiums starts
  • I would like to change the level of my policy
  • What are my previous claims

Reporting a Problem

To report any of the following matters, you can call the Westfield Health Customer Helpline on 0843 903 3643. They will be able to advise you on what the process is for anything you need to know.

  • I need to make a claim
  • How long will it take for my claim to be paid
  • Why hasn’t my claim been paid yet
  • How do I opt out of my policy plan
  • I need to access either the counselling and advice line, best doctors service or doctors line, how do I do this.

If you have any other queries or other problems and you need advice, then you can call a Westfield Health advisor. The Numbers Helpline contact number for Westfield Health Customer Support is 0843 903 3643

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