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About Wickes

Wickes opened its first store in the UK in 1972 in Manchester and by 1986 it had opened its 25th store in the UK. By 1995 they had opened their 100th. When the brand first opened in the UK it was as a DIY store to sell to trades people. It also became the only fixed priced builder’s merchant in the whole of the UK. It was a place that tradesmen and women could go to access all the machinery and products they would require to complete a project. At the start of 1990 they had manage to completely stock own-brand products which would help to save space and which would give a number of advantages. Since then they have added a few household name brands such as Bosch & Stanley which has now helped to increase profitability. As they are still selling mainly their own products they rely heavily on the durability and the performance of these products which are constantly being monitored and tested. This helps them to keep ahead of their competitors by selling high end products at a cheaper price.

If you require further information about Wickes then call the Wickes customer service helpline number which is 0843 903 3496

Overview of Wickes

If you call the Numbers Helpline for Wickes Customer Care on 0843 903 3496 it will put you in direct contact with a customer service advisor to answer all your queries.

Getting Help

If any of the following points affect you then speak to an advisor on the numbers helpline number which is 0843 903 3496.

  • What are the opening and closing times of my local store, and where is my local store.
  • Do Wickes prices include VAT
  • Will the prices that I find online be the same as the ones in store
  • Do Tradesmen and women get any sort of additional discount
  • I have a question about a certain product
  • How do I know that the information I put into Wickes is secure
  • How do I get a VAT receipt
  • How do I book in for a consultation with a Wickes designer
  • Once booked in for a consultation what do I need to bring with me
  • What is the cost of getting something delivered and how long does it usually take
  • Can I order spare parts on the website
  • If a certain product is not in my local store can I get it transferred in


Reporting a Problem

If you have a problem with any of your items from Wickes or you have not received a product then call the Numbers Helpline contact number for Wickes Customer Helpline on 0843 903 3496

  • I need technical support with a certain product
  • One of my items has arrived faulty or hasn’t arrived at all
  • My online Wickes account is locked, how do I go about getting it unlocked
  • Why have I received only part of my order
  • I am unable to pay the finance on a product I have already received
  • I cannot find certain parts or an instruction manual with my product

If any of the points stated on this page applies to you or you have any other problems you would like to bring to the attention of a Wickes advisor then call now. The Numbers Helpline contact number for Wickes Customer Services is 0843 903 3496

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