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Working Tax Credit Phone Number | 0843 506 9864

Call our connection service for Working Tax Credit Phone Number. You may qualify to claim financial assistance in the form of Tax Credits if you’re currently out of work or on a low income. You can call Working Tax Credit Phone Number on 0843 506 9864 for any enquiries concerning your eligibility for Tax Credits.

Who is eligible to claim?

To be eligible to claim, you must be 16 years and above and living in the UK. Working Tax Credits are paid based on the number of hours one works in a week and is aimed at those who work 16 hours or more. If you’re currently working in the UK and but a citizen of another EEA Country, you may qualify. However, note that the requirements for qualification for Working Tax Credits will vary depending on some factors such as your age and whether you have children. You may be entitled to additional Working Tax Credits if you have any disability. This applies to everybody regardless of whether they are self-employed or employed. Call the Working Tax Credit Phone Number on 0843 506 9864 to speak with an adviser about your qualification and any other enquires.

More so, you should call the Working Tax Credit Number if you’re already entitled to Child Tax Credit to find out more information about Working Tax Credit.

You must be in a paid work before you can be able to make a claim or starting the paid work within seven days of putting in your claim. There are conditions to be met, which depends on your age, whether you have dependent children, how many hours you work in a week, and if you’re not employed, how long have you been unemployed. For answers to any questions you may have, call the Work Tax Credit Phone Number to speak with an adviser today.

How much can one claim?

How much you claim is calculated by summing up of several elements. This elements are specific to individual circumstances and include:

  • A lone parent element – for lone parents.
  • A basic element – for everybody entitled for Working Tax Credit.
  • A second partner element – if you’re living with a partner and claiming as a member of a couple.
  • A disability element – if you work at least 16 hours a week and are disabled.
  • A 30 hour element – if you work up to or more than 30 hours every week (if you and your partner jointly work at least 30 hours and are claiming as a couple).
  • A childcare element – You may be qualified for up to 70% of childcare costs provided by a registered out-of-school club, childminder or another provider.
  • A severe disability element – you and your partner can get two severe disability elements if both of you qualify.

For clarifications on any of the above elements or any other enquiry, call the Working Tax Credit Number on 0843 506 9864 to speak with any of the advisers.

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